●How to reserve

1. Create Account in OMAKASE (High-end Restaurant Reservation System)


→Input of mail-address and password, then you can create new account.
→We only accept reservation from the website above, OMAKASE. We don’t take any other way of inquiry, phone call, or direct visit

2. Input all required information
→Please input your name, Telephone number, Credit Card Information

3. Mall Address Authentification
→Once you input all required information, you’ll receive mail address authentification mail. Therefore, please access the link attached in the mail

4. Reserve from the calendar
→From the restaurant page in OMAKASE, please check reservation calendar.
You can book blue-highlighted date indicating “there’s available seats on that date”

●Reservation Period
We take reservation once in three months in the following way

Reservation starts date Reservation Period
January 1st 12:00(noon Japan Time) From Apr 1st to Jun End.
April 1st 12:00(noon Japan Time) From Jul 1st to Sep End.
July 1st 12:00(noon Japan Time) From Oct 1st to Dec End.
October 1st 12:00(noon Japan Time) From Jan 1st to Mar End.(the following year)

For example, if you want to reserve seats on April 1st, you have to register your reservation on and after January 1st. However, most of our seats will be fully booked on the reservation starting date

●Cancelation Policy
We’ll charge the following cancellation fee if you cancel within two days of the reserved date
Until Two Days Before: 0%
One Day Before: 50%
On the Reserved Date: 100%

*Customers should be the exactly same name of the reservation name. If you want to change, please contact restaurant in advance
**We have only 8 seats and usually buy fish and other food ingredients several days before your reservation. If we miss two seats by cancellation, the loss will burden on us. Thus, it would be appreciated if you understand our cancellation policy